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Cast Bios

May 15, 2018

Alicia Payne is a Toronto-based actor, writer, and artist educator who believes in the power of community to effect positive change. She is a co-founder of Arbez Drama Projects and serves as president of the Playwrights Guild of Canada (

Dynesti Williams inspires people to reconnect to their higher selves through bold and unapologetic artistic experiences. Motivated by her experiences in the shelter system, her work touches on topics from mental illness and suicide prevention to love and entrepreneurship. She was nicknamed Dyna for delivering energy like food for the soul, Dynesti Williams invites you to feast on a balance of unity and chaos through the flavor she describes as Rebellious Hip-Hop/​Soul with a "dash" of Reggae.

Faith is a 22 year old non-binary mixed-race trans woman of colour born and raised in Toronto. Her hobbies consist of playing guitar, computer and cellphone repair, and voice acting!

iJord4n is a rapper and engineer from Toronto, ON, Canada
He begin writing poems at the age of 10 and songs by 12.
He started rapping for fun at the age of 14 and realized he had a passion for entertaining. When he was 16 he realized he wanted to spend his life entertaining so he started to focus on perfecting his craft as a musician. As years went on he realized how cut throat the music industry had gotten so he decided to attend school for Audio Engineering in hopes of learning how to produce his own songs and albums.
His biggest musical influences are 2PAC, Notorious B.I.G, Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, Eminem, Hopsin, Bow Wow, Dr. Dre and Sean Combs.
His goal as a musician is to create music people can enjoy because to him, Music is a universal language in which we can all come together and enjoy.

Joel Zola is an actor with lived experience as a homeless youth.  He is also the founder and Director of Street Voices, a social enterprise with a mission to: Empower marginalized voices through workshops, events, and print/online magazine platforms.

James Waters is an artist, writer and activist living in Tkaronto. He is the artist and co-author of the webcomic Bad Bad Things, as well as Lividity, a zine about trauma and immortality. His artistic work and advocasy focuses on mental health, LGBT liberation, decolization and worker's rights. 

Kerry Boileau is an arts educator and community builder who has been making cool stuff with groups of people for decades. She practices arts engagement with community as a potent method to advance social change.

Morgan Jones Phillips has been an actor, director and drama teacher for many years. His one-person show, The Emergency Monologues, has been performed across Canada and won Best of Fringe at The Toronto Fringe. He was thrilled to get to be part of such an exciting project with such great people.

Wolfgang Vachon has been working in community arts, with a primary focus on theatre, since the late 1980’s. He has acted, directed, and or (co)written dozens of plays, and other arts based projects on issues related to mental health & illness, torture, access to justice, and LGBTQ+ rights.

Shaheen Ariefdien (Sound design, Editing, and Music co-composer)
As a music producer, CYW, educator and student I am passionate about building community and sharing joy. I'm a South African born hip hop nerd who is interested in the intersection of arts-based practices, social/economic justice and healing. 

Arun Chaudry (Music Co-composer) is a teacher and researcher in the Department of Anthropology at York University. He is also a Toronto-based musician and producer that has been involved in a number of collaborations, sound art projects, and bands.

Yuen Chun Chan had her anti-oppression training from York University’s Masters in Social Work program. She had her social work placement in Support Our Youth serving homeless youth. Yuen Chun is a Leadership Graduate from the Centre for Playback Theatre. She is co-founder of the three Playback Theatre troupes in Toronto:  Storybox, WeJourney, and Heartlink Playback Theartre